Yacht Management

Let us take care of your yacht management. Our service is tailored to each individual yacht requirements. We do take care of the absent owner's yacht to ensure all is well, even do hurricane preparation. No hidden costs. Contact us for a free consultation and  estimate.


Project Management

Appointing a Project Manager on your next refit could save the owner alot of money. Here's what we can do for you;

Appointing a Project Manager can save the owner alot of money and frustration. Here's what we can do for you;

Define the scope of work, owners/shipyards requirements and project goals. Identify work required to achieve yacht goals. Prepare timelines of key milestones. Identify resources required to achieve these milestones. Track and report project progress. Plan and manage resources. Manage client communications. Manage quality. Manage changes to superyacht designs and its effect on timeline and budget. Ensure project goals are met.

Yacht Painting & Blister Repair

On every project there is a project management system allowing our team to provide excellent quality control.
Surface preparation is one of the most important features of the fairing and painting process. We follow strict adherence to the paint manufacturer's specifications to maintain quality control. 


The yachting industry is accustomed to a very high standard when it comes to varnishing. We are specialist and will exceed your expectations.

Bottom Painting

We are your on-stop service company and can also do your bottom painting to specification.


We can assist with your custom marine carpentry, cabinetry and custom furniture requirements. Give us a call for a free consultation and estimate.

Teak Decking

Need repair on your teak deck or replacement of the deck, we will assist you in accomplishing the objective professionally.


When you need to remove hardware for replacement or just to do the refit/refinishing, we got your back. We remove and cataloque all hardware/fasteners and you will have a report of what fasteners needs to be replaced and what hardware needs to be repaired.


We do custom manufacturing of your harware requirements. We can also custom manufacture and balance new propshafts up to 6ft and 300lb.

Fiberglass & Carbon Fiber

Fiberglass repairs or manufacturing required? Or do you want to enhance that console with carbon fiber? Give us a call for a free consultation and estimate.

Interior Detailing

Do you have a back-to-back or a quick turaround or maybe you don't have crew right now, we are your answer. Working with our professional team on a regular basis is important for cohersion of the team. Our professional cleaning crew will assist to get your yacht ready for your customers/owner when time is of the essence.

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