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We value Human Relations! We belief that even before entering into a work relationship, we should have a personal relationship with out captains and associates.


Maxal Marine’s strength is utilising its experience with the goal of being able to meet every need of the Client. From the signing of the contract to the delivery of the finished project, we act as a partner to the owner and his staff with a transparent and flexible approach, always available to offer advice to achieve the best outcome. Our team has vast technical and marine refinishing experience.


Relationships and production activities are controlled by procedures and clear contract agreements. In addition, the role of the Project Manager means he is constantly available to advise the Client on important issues, which often go beyond just contractual obligations. 

This approach often gives rise to a trusting relationship, which over the years has led to an ever-increasing level of confidence among owners, captains and managers which in turn has spear-headed our growth in international markets.

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